Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My New Roommate

Meet the newest member of my family – Pablo Neruda (named after my favorite poet, the granddaddy of love poems). He is a male betta fish and represents about all the caretaking I have time for right now. He’s the perfect roommate, really. He’s quiet, doesn’t eat my food, AND he is nice to look at. Loves it!

UPDATE: So I took my Dad's advice and put a mirror up in front of Pablo's bowl. Man, did he get angry! He puffed himself up to look as big as a 2 inch long fish can look. And just as quickly, he would scurry away, as if he was frightened by his own reflection. After a minute, he would muster up his courage to attack the mirror again. Adorable!!! As I delved into my Betta fish studies, I also learned that doing this mirror trick or chasing him around the bowl is much-needed exercise and can actually prolong his life. (Apparently Bettas are otherwise lazy, eat more than they need to, and are prone to obesity and degenerative diseases). Sounds like 30% of the U.S. population, no?


  1. I used to have this tropical fish
    In Southeast Asia they used this fish for fish fight
    You can make him mad by point your finger in the glass or put a mirror in front of him
    When it mad it change color
    Cool ha!


  2. Mai - you are the one person who can eat me out of house and home and I will still welcome you over. I miss you sis! Or should I say.. IMY! CBS!