Monday, July 19, 2010

You Know You're an OB/GYN When... (PART 1)

* you get splashed with amniotic fluid and think to yourself, “Do I really need to change my scrubs?”

* you can say you’ve caught a baby with only one glove on.

* respiratory mucus grosses you out more than cervical mucus. 
* you think ferning under the microscope is beautiful.

* you can’t remember what the sex of the baby you just delivered was… two minutes ago.

* you can say that your clogs have come in contact with every single body fluid produced by the female body.

* you think placentas are pretty.

* you’ve been baptized by baby pee. And poop.

* you say things like “whiff of pit” or “shrom”.

* seeing a new dad cry makes your eyes well up with tears.

* you refer to your patients as “primips” or “multips”.

* you understand that this means: “This is a 19yo G3P2012 who is PPD#2 s/p SVD c/b PPH after IOL for severe PEC “.

* you can diagnose bacterial vaginosis before you’ve placed the speculum.

* you think Trichomonas under the microscope is really fun (not for the patient of course!)

* you think Mirena IUDs are by far and away the best birth control method. Ever.


  1. I'm so lame, I spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out that 4th to last one means.

  2. haha... did u figure it out?
    19 year old gravida 3 para 2101 who is postpartum day 2 status post spontaneous vaginal delivery complicated by postpartum hemorrhage after induction of labor for severe preeclampsia... i'm nerdy, i know :D

  3. haha nice. lost me on IOL PEC. can't wait for part 2.